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Expand your music collection with multicultural music from Chanidu Music. I am a musician who creates distinctive songs that are a mixture of Nigerian sounds and classic American genres. The music I make has a different sound and includes lyrics that refer to how people feel, love, and care. The result is a stunningly attractive sound!

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My History in Music

I have been involved in music for most of my life. When I was a teenager, I was featured on a television show for children. I also received the honor of performing for the president of Nigeria when I was in college.

After coming to America, I began writing songs and recording them in a studio. Then, I decided to create an online store to make it easy for people to find music that encourages and inspires them.

I enjoy using everyday things in my music to try and help other people. Additionally, I've found that my lyrics have more meaning when I have a storyline to follow while writing them. For example, a song I wrote years ago was inspired by something I'd seen.

I want people who listen to my music to experience a feeling of satisfaction and hope. And I want them to believe that they can overcome anything. In addition, I want my music to encourage listeners to reach out to others and to help people who need help.

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